at my local guitar shop, i found 3 acoustic guitars and thought they sounded amazing.
but i need some opinions before i buy them. there all Alvarez.
i may get a ride up to the city to guitar center today, so if not these any suggestions?

alvarez rd20sc regent series dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway

alvarez artist series ad60sc dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway

alvarez artist series AD70sc dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway

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Well, I have an AD60 (different version, noncut 12 string, not the cut 6) and from my experience with it.. I'd recommend it. Not played either of the other two.
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I own the RD 20 SC SB and love it...Easiest playing guitar I've touched thus far. Sounds good strummed, flat-picked and finger style and for the price I'd definently recommend it. Either way Alvarez is quality and value so whichever one you decide on should keep you happy.
I have the RD20SSB and it plays like a dream.

Of course, you can't really go wrong with an Alvarez...
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Which one is better?
Well, the more expensive models are going to be better. I would cross the RD20SC off the list as it's not as good as the others. Also, the electronics used in it aren't that flash. The electronics used on the other two models are decent.

I've got an AD60SC and its a good guitar. I can definitely recommend it. I've nevr played the AD70SC but it looks as if the only difference is the wood used on the back and sides. Laminate Mahogany or laminate Rosewood. Do you think the AD70SC is worth the extra $30? if you do, buy it. If not, put that $30 towards a capo and some strings or something.