Hey UG anyone on here play urban dead?
If so whats your User name and user ID?
Mine are Sci5104 and Dimebag5104.
Also if you use to play and have an account you dont want anymore and are willing to give it away please PM me the account name ans password.
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why cant stevie wonder read?
cause hes black

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whats the difference between a dead baby and a sandwich?

I dont fuck a sandwich before I eat it

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Dude she's got a CP172R in her panties

Nothing beats plugging into that slot
As far as browser games go, it's terrible.
The one with the royal sceptre and gown

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i like drag

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This has been done and raped numerous times. It's just overused and old. Find a new Habbo..jeez.
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But wouldn't all that be worth it to ride a zebra around campus? Perhaps dressed in chainmail? Maybe with a plastic sword and a wench who may or may not just be a prostitute?