Just wondering I am thinking of seeing the new Herold and Kumar movie and I was wondering if anyone has seen it. It looks halarious but I wanna make sure that I'm not gonna be ripped off and have it be really boring. Reviews??
I'd do me........

In my opinion it was worth it, i didnt pay for the ticket, but if i had i wouldnt have regretted it, it has a couple of good lines, manages to make fun of Bush a couple of times, be prepared for a lot of swearing and nudity though(both male and female), but overall id say better than the first.
harold surely? a herald is someone who announces people at royal court...

hasn't come out in the uk yet, but looking forward to it...
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ya same here, although, it seemed like a 2 hour episode of south park, where everything that is so stupid and unrealistic and illegal, that it's so easy for it to happen in this movie, it's like so funny and chilish at the same time lol, oh, did u se the frist one? cause if you did, it starts like 5 seconds after the first one finished
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Yeah me and my friends saw it
we loved it
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i watched it on the internet.

it was pretty good.

then somebody stood up in the seat infront when the credits were rolling.

i thought 'fuck that was a good pirate'

he must of somehow managed to smuggle a broadcast camera and a boom mic in there.
I saw it, it was pretty good, worth seeing, it was rated 14a but they raised the rating to 18a just recently (at least where i live). Probably because of the 'bottomless party'

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