So i built a 2x12 cab, but havent put speakers in yet. It will be run in stereo 8 ohms for my randall RH200SC head 200 watts (left 100 right 100). I was looking at these jenson mod speakers( because i can get a great deal on em) and they say 50 watts but 100 watts musical power, what does this mean?

Will My head blow em, or something?

Or can they handle the wattage?

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It means they use less power while still putting out the same amount of sound, if Im not mistaken.
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it means they use fifty watts of power, but sound like they are using 100 watts of power. This is because the standard are older vintage sounding speakers that had less output power. New ones use alnico to boost the power, think something like the boost you get from an active pickup or high output pickup.
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So should i get them?

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Coming soon: Egnater Tweaker

sure, whats more important is the sound you want to get out of them. I would look at the specs and see how they sound first, even though your getting a deal. My guess is that youll get more of a modern sound with firmer lows and tighter highs.
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Youre going to be running a 100 watts of amp power into 50 watt speakers. Wont last long no. Im gonna imagine that 100 watt stereo amp was made to be run into a stereo 4x12 cab which would be 2 50 watt speakers per side. So youre gonna wanna find 100 watt speakers. Alot of the vintage stuff is made to be run with lower watts. Try eminance their stuff can handle alot of watts.
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and if your gonna buy eminence look into the red coat or patriot speaks, personally i like celestion but wateve
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