Hey everyone, I have been playing guitar for about 9 months now and I'm thinking of upgrading my guitar. I'm currently playing a Marlin SG Copy that is fairly fragile and doesn't sound that great (not that I was expecting it to since its a first guitar).

Anyway my parents are going on a trip to America and since guitars are much cheaper there I was going to ask them to pick me up one. Back to the point, I was thinking of getting the ESP EX-50 as it doesn't cost that much, looks great and from what I've heard is a great guitar for the price.

What do you guys think? If you have any other suggestions for a guitar of similar price thats better please say.
well it really depends on what type of style you play, as your guitar playing will progress throughought the years and you probably would want to stick with a guitar that will be good for you as a beginner, and as an advanced player
Well... I haven't tried the EX-50, but my school has the EC-50, so I'm guessing those should be similar in quality. The EC-50 isn't very good though... it's made of agathis, and is pretty bad quality in general (the school didn't buy it that a long time ago, and already the pickup-switch is broken) I think some sort of Epiphone Les Paul would be a much better buy.
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My second guitar is an Epiphone SG, im still using it. Its a really good guitar and id definatley recommend it, ive improved loads using it, ive been playing nearly 2 years and am taking my grade 6 exam in a weeks time. However no whammy bar and i find pinch harmonics harder to do on it.
My 2nd guitar was an Epiphone LP standard, which has been VERY solid ever since I got it. If you still want to look for the ESP EC's, maybe try and knock it up to an EC 200
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budget and style?

my second guitar was a Epiphone G-400, and i still play it. the pickups are lacking, but it feels great.
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I mostly play Metal and Hard Rock but sometimes play less heavy stuff. My budgets is about a maximum of $300-ish.

I think I will have to look into the Epiphones, as it seems thats the general opinion of you guys seems to be to get an Epiphone
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When you go to try them out, try as many of the same model as you can. Quality is OK but there's bound to be a dud or a Gem in the lot and the more you try the better your chances of getting the Gem. Things to check are:
Basic finish quality - look all over the guitar for flaws, bleeding of finishes into binding, are inlays are nicely done.
Construction - string position centred over fingerboard and aligning nicely over pickup screws.
Check the neck - it can be adjusted of course but you don't want it too far out of wack to start with.
Nut - are the string ridiculously high at the nut or just barely clearing the first fret?
Action - strings too low and buzzing or too high and hard to play?
The last 3 things are adjustable by a competent tech but are an indication of how much the guitar has changed since it was first built and setup. (ie shrinkage, warping etc)
Many vendors wil offer free set ups when you buy but in my experience not all store techs are good. You may want to go to a fulltime repairman for your work. Every City has a know good tech, try googling or checking with other musicians.
I think I'll have to just wait and up my budget, mabye try and score it as an early b-day or christmas present, As looking into it I don't think I can get a high enough quality guitar for $300.

If I still got the EX series I'd probally go for a EX-260. Another I have been looking at is the PRS Termonti SE.

I'm not sure about the Epiphone LP. While it is a very nice looking guitar I've heard that it has a lot of problems like frets popping out and getting out of tune very easly.
lol at random 7 string

if you want a 7 string then its obviously that one (unless you start looking at other 7's)

if you don't want a 7 string then just take that one out.
i have a 'white guitar'
I realy just put it in because I was thinking about it a while ago but it hadn't crossed my mind until a couple of hours ago. A 7 string would be good but if the other 2 play better then I'd rather have one of them tbh.

Wow that Ibanez is nice (always had a thing for white guitars ) I'll look a bit more into that.