An attempt at an instrumental ballad that can speak what my mouth can not. That being the love and adoration I have for someone who I hold close to me.

It's the one called "A Flower For My Love" and it can be found on my profile.

One Note: I did cover the first couple of measures from Steve Vai's "Tender Surrender" as an outro.

As always, C4C. But if I don't Crit back in one to two days, then please PM me what you want me to listen to. Also, I can't critique yours if it's on Myspace

Also note, that when on my profile you, have to pause my "Playlist" which is a little ways down the screen before you play my song.
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Wow, this is really nice. If you could upgrade your recording setup just a bit, you could turn out some great stuff like this. You really have the right idea with panning certain parts to the left and right to create an effect. This is a really great skill to learn and use, so really nice job on that.

I really enjoyed all of the riffs. Very mellow and work well together. The only one that I felt didn't fit in was the one at 2:40. It seemed off tempo and very off mood. However, your leads are great. They compliment the riffs very well and aren't over the top. Love the harmonics.

The end probably dragged on too long, and I don't know about the spoken "thank you so much" part. Overall really nice piece.

Mind listening to mine? Kind of a love song as well, thought it might be fitting:
I'm taking a listen right now. The arpeggios are really cool in the beginning. To me, the mood you're trying to convey is a peacefulness, but overall perhaps restless anxiousness. You should be proud of this one. It'd be cool with some percussion I think. I agree about the riff at 2:40 not fitting so great though. But otherwise, I like how it turned out. Good stuff, man.

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Thanks a bunch for your input guys, means a lot to me.

I'm sad to report that the person whom this was for listened to it last night. And I can tell that she wasn't very impressed with it. (When someone tells you it's 'the thought that counts', it kind of makes you think twice about it).

So I'm not sure about the future of this piece. I'll still reply to C4C's though. Once again, thanks.
The Pit. The Movie.
Sounds really cool overall man, the intro really sets the mood and I love the panning like others have mentioned before me. I would try making the transition at 1.58 smoother, maybe ending it in a strung chord or something. The whole piece could be in a Final Fantasy game hehe. Good job man