which is better? i've heard alot about high end epiphones are better than low-end gibsons, so is an Epi LP Custom good?

Epi Standard.
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Epi Standard.
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If you want a comparable Epi to the Gibson Studio try an Elitist model! A little cheaper than the Studio but made with top notch materials. While there's nothing wrong with a standard Epi, it's made in China not Japan as is the Elitist and the pickups & hardware on the Elitist are also a step above the EPi standard line. The only problem is Elitists usually have to be ordered in. If you see one give it a try.
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In fact, this EXACT thread was just done. I almost thought this was that previous thread until I noticed it has about 90 fewer posts.

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I'd go for the Custom.

In fact, I already did, because I have one.
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Epi Custom with the spare money left over spent on upgrades > Gibson Studio
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i would try out several customs because if you get lucky, you can one a custom thats waaay better then the gibby studio
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Dude just go play them and decide for yourself...why do people ask these questions everyday. I mean do you really plan on spending 600+ without trying out all the options in that price range?
well maybe... just MAYBE i don't have any stores that have any Gibsons except for about a 2:00 drive from my house, and i'm only 15. one store has some Epiphones, but all they have is the standard and a studio. so i'm trying to get some opinions, douche!

Hey Guy No need to flame.. he was merely pointing out that Trying out a Guitar would be better than taking suggestions from people on a forum.. its like on Paper it maybe good But On Hands on Experience hell some cheaper guitars maybe be better than there expensive counter parts... if you must have I must personally have the choice and your out of luck Guitar Store Wise I would choose the LP Custom or Elitist.. I have heard that Studios are Iffy in Quality..
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I would get the Studio over a Custom ANY day, as Chinese Epiphones do not match up to American Gibsons. Now if This was an Elitist Epiphone, its a different story.
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I would get the Studio over a Custom ANY day, as Chinese Epiphones do not match up to American Gibsons. Now if This was an Elitist Epiphone, its a different story.

that's what i'd have thought, but i haven't tried any epiphones for ages, so best take what i say with a pinch of salt, lol.
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