As stated above, oh and i have slinky strings on theme, so i can bend them and make it sound like a wammy bar......thanks in advace
No you need an actual Gibson to play that, EVERYBODY knows that!
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Nope...only Masterchief can play it. He uses Gibson Britewires and a Gibson Xplorer...no wammy needed for him to do it...
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Thats why i can't play eruption...............its the wrong guitar!

You live, you learn
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It depends. IF you're doing the Mjolnir Mix, then you won't be able to do the divebomb at the beginning without a whammy bar. However, most of the stuff after that can be played.
Actually, you're all wrong. Steve Vai made the Mjolnir Mix, therefore it is only playable on a JEM.
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Wrong guitar
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steve vai made it, good luck
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There's no way in hell you can bend that low without a Floyd unless you have a string winder stuck to your tuner and Paul Gilbert's sense of pitch.
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