Hi, check out this new hard rock band called Rattlesnake

Our music in the style of classic hard rock bands like Van Halen and Guns N Roses. We're on the SoupyGato show this week with Sebastian Bach! You can hear our single 'Tip of the Iceberg'


Heres a review of the album

"Rattlesnake certainly wear their influences on their collective sleeves, with a love of both Guns'N'Roses and Van Halen obvious throughout, but this CD is blessed with an energy and vigour that keeps it the right side of hero-worship. Singer Tref Davies has an impressively soulful vocal style, while the accomplished playing sees guitarist Will not afraid to show off their soloing ability – but not to the detriment of the songs' flow. Stand-out number 'Tip Of The Iceberg' is the clearest example of what Rattlesnake have to offer, but as a whole, this album is an assured, confident release from a band who could easily find a loyal audience.”

Nick Mann, A Short Fanzine About Rocking

Holy ****!!!! That was more sick than me when I ate some bad chicken from KFC (I threw up for 2 weeks!) I iz wantin' some CD-age!
I intend to bro, and its sick to see another UK act thats damn good, where bouts you based?

But seriously, I think I just found my next CD

aww nm, im guessin u at Pourtsmouth, its not too far, but my folks will never let me (and im 16 lol)
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Ima in Woking (like 10 mins from Guilford if u didnt know) so the train isnt too far, but my folks'll slaughter me, plus its GCSE time, so i might come see you guys in the summer hols