This a song I wrote for my band. I guess it's just a standard rock number. I haven't written lyrics yet, so I don't have a title for it. It's a bit more simple than most of my other songs, but that's because it's for my band.... and we're not amazing lol. Please give it a listen and tell me what you think. I've been writing a whole f-load of songs for my band lately, so I'l probrably put some more up soon. C4C.
Band Song 3.zip
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Measure 19 sounds like there's some out of key stuff happening.

Measure 127 the bass sounds off. Which probably means it was off in the first chorus too. lol

Nice little lead thing.

As much as I liked it, I'm not sure the instrumental part fits that well...

The solo is good here too.

The drums were good, but some places could use some work.

Overall, very nice song. I glanced through it before I listened and was turned off by the octaves and powerchords... But I was pleasantly surprised. Good job. 7/10 =)

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Hmmmm, I was expecting some sort of crazy-ass epic song like your other songs, so tbh I was surprised when I listened to it.

I personally think that the intro is too long, 8 bars for Theme 1 should be enough, I think. Again, I think verse 1 is a bit too long, but I reckon vocals should fix that part.

Loved the rhythm guitar in the chorus, it's really catchy, and I imagine it would go well with vocals.

Pre-Chorus 2 is a bit mundane imo, as the intensity of the song kinda dropped there, which spoiled the second chorus.

I'm not sure if I like Theme 1 Reprise. Idk if it would be better to play it like so or just straight go to 139, but I think I prefer the latter. Instrumental was excellent, 'cept that I think it would sound better with the addition of lead. That part gave the song some distinction value lol.

For the solo, I liked the second half better, though the first few measures were great as well. Ending was quite fitting also, nothing wrong there.

Overall, it's a good song, though it seemed a bit generic at some parts. Nevertheless, it was a good listen. Though, I would suggest that you use some variations in the rhythm, as straight out 8th note could be quite boring after one too many listen. Try using rest and other note value to vary the rhythm a bit. Yep, that's probably my only complaint for the song, other than the overall length of the song itself, which imo is too long for a song like yours.

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Hum.well first off, i put one guitar to pan 8 and the other to pan -8 and that fixed a lot of the clashing sounds that the midi had

i really liked this, it was a bit monotonous at times, bit i guess thats ok ^^

solo was great

i guess this is a standard rock number, nothing special, but probably a good one for a warm up number or something o.O

i give it 8/10 for being well built but not too original :p
i think the intro to theme 1 is too long... i didn't like theme 1 anyway. ;D
the transition(altough there's no transition) to verse 1 is very smooth.. like all other transitions
verse 1 sounds better than theme 1, it's more interesting because of the lead guitar but still monotonous.
i loved the chorus. <3
do you really need the break? i'd leave it out.
that soloish thing after theme 1 reprise.. good work. simple but great.
i think you need a better transition to the intrumental interlude..
the solo is good like the following parts.
i'd give you 8.5/10, because it's kind of monotonous and i dont like rock.

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Thanks for the crits guys. Again, I'm not trying to write something really amazing here. It's just a song for my band to play so that we have some of our own stuff. I'll crit yours now.
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