Hey, I applied for NYU a while ago and I just wanted to know what my chances of getting in are. I live in manhattan and have a GPA of 3.5 I also want a swimming scholarship but what is a good swimming score that you think they would want? What events in swimming do you think they would look for? If anyone knows any information because im not finding any good info online it would be great to hear from ug on this. Thanks
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Quote by ~DeadPoetsNow~
im not finding any good info online

Last time I checked, UG was online...

Personally I'd call them up. Regardless of whether or not they already let out. there are usually some employees that are there year-round. Call the Admissions + Financial Aid office.
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I meant im not finding any info on their website or on google etc...
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ha you might wanna try a swimming forum, not a whole lot of in shape swimmers here i would imagine
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