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Harris Teeter
2 10%
Food Lion
4 19%
Piggly Wiggly
7 33%
Wal-Mart Grocery Section
8 38%
Voters: 21.
The only one we even have around here is Wal-Mart. We've got Stop & Shop and Shaws here.
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Lolz, too bad none of those places exist around here...

Wauldbaums? A&P? IGA? Those are what are around here.
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probably local market, you know where the food comes from and that your money supports your local community
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Well, I picked Wal Mart because that's the only one that's around here. They actually have a Wal Mart grocery store here. Although I would probably pick Kroger over it. And there use to be a Food Lion here, but it got shut down about 10 years ago. I think they completely took those out of Texas.
Only one I've heard of from them is Wall Mart. I voted Piggly Wiggly for the name alone. But my answer is Morrisons I suppose because they give me money.
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probably local market, you know where the food comes from and that your money supports your local community
This. Supermarkets are almost as evil as Microsoft or Sony or the Catholic church.
Well where the duck is Kroger?
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what about Dominion, Loblaws, food basics, no frills, and all those other great canadian grocery stores, the only one that you mentioned that we have here is wal-mart
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.............Piggly Wigglly?

They tend to be in the American Southeast.
There's Marsh and Kroger's around here. And a Wal-Mart but I avoid that store like the plague. I normally shop at Marsh. Marsh=win
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