hi today i decided to buy a new set of strings for my cort x-6 guitar i havent used it in a while i put the first string on and tightened it i noticed that the string was sitting flat on the frets and there were no gap in between i looked to see if the bridge was bent but it wasnt also a problem with the bridge too it seems to slope backwards so the nuts at the back are touching the pad and its pushing that hard that its made groves in it and i think it may be that i just need help sorry if it hasnt really made sence to you but try and understand it if you get me lol thats the best pay i could put it thanks p33pst3r plz post back a.s.a.p thanks again
pics i cant understand this blabble
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here are the pics


Raise the action. That should fix it
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i know this sounds stupid but what is the action where is it located thanks
You have only 1 string on it in the pic. It takes all six to have enough tension to level the bridge. Provided you used the same gauge strings.