Hi Guys

I have a Vox AD30VT and I'm trying to get rid of that stupid plastic cover on it and put on some speaker cloth. Either something similar to original Vox's or something plain black just to cover it.

Anyone know where I can get Vox cloth for a half decent price? UK preferably, or somewhere that wil post to UK.

Or other that than, what kind of black cover do I use?

And how do I put the stuff on when I get it?

Cheers for your help.
re houseit in a nice looking wood and laquer it
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sorry i might no have explained properly ehat i want to do. its for the front of the amp that covers the speaker no the surround.

the ad range have a silver plastic cover on ad its looks terrible and i just want to replace it with a black or vox diamond pattern cover.
I think it look terrible. sorry i did think it was plastic. its just not my look at all. seen some vox cloth but is mega expensive and it seems to be cut to size for bigger vox's. and i dont need that much.

Thanks for your help tho
ok, well I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find it. Also, I'm talkig about buying the cloth by the yard and attaching it to a frame with adhesive spray.
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