problem number 1...

Ive got a 212 tube combo with 2 parallel speaker outs on the back... ive got everything plugged in, but i only get sound out of one speaker...
whats the deal with this?

problem number 2...

when i've let my amp warm up a bit, i turn it on and blah blah blah but the problem is this horrid crackling noise. its almost like the volume has been cut in half and theres this horrible static over the guitar signal... on top of that, this crackling also kills the sustain of the guitar's signal...
I dont know if this is a speaker problem or if this a tube problem.
problem 2 is that you need a new guitar cable
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add that:
problem 2 is either your cable or your input is loose on the guitar. the first problem may be a bad connection with the second speaker or a bad speaker.
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