Ok I've been planning the past few weeks on getting a recording machine because summers coming up and I figured that me and my friends could start a band and all that good stuff. But, I've been thinking about it more and more and i realized my guitars a POS and I was thinking about getting a new guitar. Now either way I will buy both this summer but what I'm asking is if I should a new guitar or the recording machine first because if i get the guitar first then It will be like four months until I get the machine and i was gonna get that for something to do in all my spare time. Also if you have input please add.

Im getting this machine because boss is a good brand and It has a built in drum machine so we dont have to buy all the mics to record drums


Now this is the guitar played it at GC and loved the hell out of it

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What guitar do you have right now? What don't you like about it? Maybe you could just get a really nice setup and some new pickups and you'd like it better, and still have money for the machine.
well i have a dean ml xm the pickups are ok but theres no FR on it and i really want one its just a beginner guitar and thats why i just want an intermediate guitar now
Well what you you want to do more...play guitar or get into recording?

If you get into recording youll eventually want to get more and more...higher end gear over time to get better sound in your recordings.

Those MTRs are nice and a few people at the R&R form have them. The drums are nice and so are the on board mics but its best to use an external if you can.

It takes more than just good gear to get great sound in recordings, it also requires skill and knowledge to get the best sound out of the new equipment.

paying for time in a high end or mid range studio should get you better sound and its always easier to get great sound when you feed high quality audio in from the start so I would suggest getting a guitar...