i made this song in three days and it seems finished, but there's still something i dislike..but i dont know what..

it's kind of death metal i think.. or grind. i dont know.

crit for crit!
leave a link.. :]
This was pretty good, it reminded me a bit of old carcass. But I think the riff guitar 2 plays at bar 14 is a bit too random, it doesnt really fit with the other riff. I liked the riff at bar 18 the most. However, I didn't reallyt like the riff at bar 22, it just didn't seem interesting to me for some reason. The riff that starts at bar 27 was a bit too dull imo, I think you should make it a bit faster or something or add some more stuff to it. The same thing that I said about bar 14 applies to the riff at bar 47, it's a bit too random even for grind, imo. The fast riff is allright, nothing special. The outro stuff was allright too, but again, nothing special. The ending was pretty good though.
Overall a pretty good song, just a bit random in some places.
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I liked it for the most part. The bass was a little to distorted, drums could be a bit louder too. all in all It was cool.