gotta say, the intro gave me the ****s. sort of like AVA how they just have a long-ass intro of virtually nothing. once the song actually starts however, it pays off. nice vocals btw, and effects i.e. the effect at 2:22. also the as someone already mentioned, you should look at the length of the song. maybe without the intro, it would cut off 50 or so seconds. some people are put off by 6 min + songs, which is why so many people try to cut out all unessessary parts.
out of ten, i'd give it an 7.5 (mainly coz of the intro).
Hey man, thanks for the crit.

I'll crit as I listen.

Damn man, nice quality recording you have here. The intro is really sweet. Really cool effects you have there. It's hard to explain, but they're really great quality. Now I'm at the part where the vocals start. The drums are still quality. I like the singing, but I think it's just a tad too back there in the track. Perhaps make it a little bit louder. The guitar is really nice, you've got a nice tone there and it sounds really crisp.

I think I'd cut out just a bit of the part where he says killer a lot. I found myself wanting the next section to arrive. And it just did. Lot of cool sounds going on in this part. I like the transition. I'm not really sure what you're using to get these sounds. They sound a lot like some sort of wind, but I think it's some kind of synth. It's pretty cool. And you've got a really nice beat going in the background.

Haha, just got to the mind killer part. I thought that was cool. Pretty badass so far. I like how things are layered left and right and they're popping back and forth. Man, I have no idea how to describe any of this stuff, but it sounds really cool. Everything has a really professional quality to it. The way it has less vocals, I think it'd be pretty cool in a soundtrack. I can imagine this in some kind of movie.

Overall, really good work. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I'd cut out just a little bit here and there, but it's not terribly long in length. I like this stuff.
this isnt my thing at all so its hard for me to crit, i would like to say that its very uneventful but its obvious that ambience is what you're going for

the drums stop too suddenly before the vox come in

the vocals have completely wrong inflection imo

they should be much more relaxed instead of singing so forward and i dont like the chorus effect

the part at 2:25 sounds really cool, i like the little chromatic thing you do but it goes on for waaaaay too long, i like the transition into the next part, nice programming

the part at 4:03 sounds cool and shifts the mood to happiness for a second

at the part at 5:00 you go out of time with the guitar

i like all the "cd skip" effects you threw in

all in all for my tastes its way too repetitive but that is characteristic of this genre so i suppose its not a problem
I have to agree with a large portion of what people have said: It's a bit too repetitive in some parts, and I also don't like the way the vocals are done. It shouldn't be so forced, more laid back. That would make it more ethereal and it would compliment the effects and general mood better.

I personally liked the intro as the best part of the song. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in, but I was into it, and then the song started. Not that the rest of the song is bad; they just seem to be two disparate entities, you know?

Towards the end things get a bit more agreeable for me. That part right after the intro before the breakdown-ish bit just isn't suiting me. The rest is just fine.

Thanks for looking at my song, I appreciate it.
thanks for the crit.

as far as your song goes... i like it, and i think its very well produced and your sound quality is great, though, like many of the others on this thread, i do think that it may be a bit long. other than that though, everything sounds pretty great imo.
pretty nice song, I enjoyed the early parts of the song, but the later part of the song needs some spicing up. maybe a little bit more singing/ guitar solo here would seem good.
this is really good for an alternative song. although my ears favor metal and jazz fusion. the quality of the recording is outstanding you must have some very expensive equipement. i also like the ambient intro. be sure to check out my songs on my profile page. pretty please?