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isn't really something that I hear about anymore. I ( read posts on UG / know people ) that keep their guitars tuned down from the standard tuning. I knew a guy that whos mom worked with mine at the hospital that kept 19 guitars all with a different tuning. Is this the latest guitar fad?

Trivium and Black Tide both covered Metallica songs and both were tuned lower than standard E. Personally I would rather keep the good tune and just move down the fretboard 1/2 or whole step. How about you kids?
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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.
I keep my acoustic in standard. But my electrics are in D and C

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the lower the heavier isn't always true. The majority of Metallica songs are in E standard, and all of Cowboys from Hell was initially recorded in standard. Even Lamb of God only go to Drop D.

I have my acoustic tuned to DGDGAd at the moment rules
no, it's not a "fad" people down tune their guitars for a better or more unique sound or because it suits the vocalists voice better. As Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth (a band who very rarely use an orthodox tuning) put it

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The thing about standard tuning is it's so......standard
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I used standard and d-tuning, occasionally dropping either one down one step if I want a heavier sound. But standard tuning pw3ns all.
playing in tune is for pussies, i make sure all my strings are at least a quarter tone out of tune from one another
I play in Drop C#, Half-Step Down, Standard, and Drop D in that order of importance.
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Im most of the time in standard, and most of the time means when im just learning or practicing a song.

when im playing a song live, the vocalist starts saying some sh*t so i can tune a half step down or bring the drop D guitar

We usually play the song in standard first, then the drop ones and then the half step down ones, but if there is a change in the order, then i have to tell the dude to start saying ome bad jokes

I can never get it to sound right when I tune i down half a step, so i only use drop D or standard...

I tried taking a look a some GnR songs, but it just didn't sound right.
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I only use E Standard, D Standard and Drop C. I used to mainly use D standard but over the past few months i've been using mostly E Standard because most of the songs i make sound better in it
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playing in tune is for pussies, i make sure all my strings are at least a quarter tone out of tune from one another

whats the point in that though?
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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.

but yea, standard tuning all the way, no way am I going back and forth with a locking nut. although my old guitar is usually tuned to open G for slide.
my acoustic is tuned to E, but my electric is tuned to C
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i use E standard ALL the time when i play bass
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Honestly, I have no preference. I mean, I like using lower tunings because they can sound a lot heavier (at least, it is a lot easier to accomplish the lows sounding better), but I use pretty much any tuning that's needed. I cover a LOT of songs, so I play in Standard E, Drop D, D-Tuning, Half-Step Down, Dropped Half-Step Down, C-Tuning, Drop C, Open C, Dropped A#, A#, etc.. Heck, I've even dabbled up into Dropped E (Step Up For A, D, B, G and e) for a few songs. Yes, I'm sure that all of my guitars hate me.

My ESP MH400 with the Floyd is usually kept in Standard.. my Ibanez GRG170DX is usually in Drop C, D-Tuning, or C-Tuning for Dethklok purposes. There's a few other guitars floating around, but I almost never use them or they're changing tuning almost daily, when a buddy needs one to play.

It's all a matter of preference; for writing my own stuff, I try to stick within' the Standard E to D-Tuning Range (more commonly stick with Dropped Half-Step Down). That's just me, though.
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I stick with the standard, but sometimes may switch to drop d considering it's really easy and quick to do.
I have an acoustic in E, an acoustic a half step down, and all my electrics I leave in standard or drop D, which I just switch off

Drop C sounds heavy as balls though, it's pretty kickass for hardcore and happy hardcore.
I'm keen on Drop C / Drop C / D standard and open C A La Devin Townsend, or even open C with a Low G on a 7 string...lovely!

Open C w/ low G - GCGCGCE

I ONLY use standard. I have an electric without an amp or a cable, so it's a bitch for me to tune...
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playing in tune is for pussies, i make sure all my strings are at least a quarter tone out of tune from one another

I play mostly in drop C, but for some old Slayer or other stuff I tune up. Isn't really much different to be honest. I mean yeah the string tension is varied, but tuning down isn't much heavier than standard. It's just that some things sound WAY better tuned down because lower sound just fits the melody.
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i kinda shuffle around...

my Les Paul, and Explorer are usually in DGCFAD, unless im playing with someone who is already in standard. but i only do this because i genuinly like a little more oomph. well, that and i have Ernie Ball Super Slinky's on both of them, and bending the treble strings in strandard bothers me.
my Dano is kept in standard, or open G, and occasionally open D, the same goes for my acoustic. both of them are my slide guitars, which explains my open tuning fetish.
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i tend to be at my best; my creative in drop-tunings or open tunings.
my favourite tuning being, b. f#. b. e. a. b.
I'm pretty sure EADGBE was made standard because it was the most versatile tuning and the easiest for fingerings and such. So in a way it is superior to most tunings (depending on what you are playing).
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Usually just a half step down. That way I can use heavier strings while still being able to bend with ease.
I like to play in Drop D or less commonly C, because it's much easier to do power chords. It only gets to being a bugger when I wan to play full chords. Which isn't so often.
I keep my main acoustic and my electric in E standard. But my clunker acoustic stays in Open G as it has pretty high action and is great for some slide.
I keep mine in drop C# but I also have songs in standard D (I just tune the top strings up a whole step). Both tunings obviously have a different feel and I like to switch back and forth. Drop C# all the time would get very tiresome.
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from what i've heard other people say in the past, it seems more that standard tuning is a fad if that makes sense. i see a lot of people criticise lower tunings, i'm not entirely sure why i personally like to use a few different tunings as each one sounds different. even if you were to play a riff in E, then tune down to Eb and play the same riff it will sound different (and i mean the actual tone, obviously it'll be half a step lower :p. one of my favourite tunings though would probably be open C
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I'm pretty sure EADGBE was made standard because it was the most versatile tuning and the easiest for fingerings and such. So in a way it is superior to most tunings (depending on what you are playing).

well wouldnt that mean that any tuning in the same general layout as standard would have the same fingerings, and possibly more versatility? like if you played in DGCFAD you would have the same fingerings, but also have more versatility, and if you need to play standard you put a capo on the second and for Eb you put it on the first. thus more versatility for playing straight chords.
I mostly use four tunings: Standard E, 7String standard, Open D, and Open E.
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I use standard. Always. Mostly because i'm too lazy to tune it to a different tuning.
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I experiment with a lot of different tunings, why restrict yourself to just one?
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