These two are the compositions I did for my AS level coursework at college.

The first one (1950's Rock 'n' Roll Christmas) is the best one, as I had enough time to complete it; and this is basically suposed to sound like a 1950's cheesy Rock 'n' Roll tune, with a christmasy feel.

The second one (Metal Study) is not so good, as it was pretty rushed as I was fast approaching the deadline; but is suposed to be various different metal styles combined to one piece.

What do you think of them both? (Compliments and critisisms are both welcome).

P.S. They should play in windows media player. Sorry for the rubish midi sound, but it's the best I can get short of playing and recording it live.
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Rofl at the drums in the second one.

Other than that I though it was very mediocre.
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i suppose if it ticks the boxes for youre AS then its fine. I wrote wat i thought was a load a crap but made sure i had dynamics, harmonies... blah blah, to keep the examiners happy.

The first was an irritatingly predictable chord progression, but then again kit is sposed to be 50's...

The second was interestinly major in the intro for metal. this was good but the drums are weak and dont give the thing any power or energy, which is what they should do.

other than that i wouldnt listen to them out of choice, im sure there are people that would (deaf ones!!!) sorry. only kidding. there good.
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all i can say is that the drums in "Metal Study" blew my mind.