someone tells you to "play a little bit of guitar" so they know you can play it.few chords?or some impressive arpeggios?i play acoustic BTW
I play them the vietcong theme.
Play what you always play? It shouldn't be about showing off anyways.
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Soul To Squeeze or Under Bridge. They're nice chord progressions that look rather impressive.
Just play something everyone will know.

Under The Bridge is a good suggestion.
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If someone asked me to, I might play something. If someone TOLD me to play something, I'd tell them to f*ck off.
Play Melissa by The Allman Brothers Band....
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I'd probably pick it up, then play a random riff or something, then launch into a song.
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what I always seem to play when I have an acoustic in my hand....Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
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Play Melissa by The Allman Brothers Band....


or Little Martha.
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I never know what to play ha but if they aren't a guitar player themselves, it probably wouldn't be the hardest thing to impress them with something you know well enough to pull off
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Check tuning on the 5-0 method, strum a few chords to a song, then stop to try playing something more proper.

This exact thing
If you`re on a electric. Play something from Rage Against the Machine (Bulls on Parade kicks ass) Sometimes some thing for System of a Down (Toxicity, B.Y.O.B although I can`t play that perfect) Muse - Plug In Baby or Assassin or something, Audioslave has also some good songs. Or I just play as fast as I can an Em-scale up and down.
Acoustic: Kansas - Dust in the Wind, or some chords (C - Am - Em - D or something)
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I would play Stone Sour's Bother, sounds amazing acoustic.

Win, I'll suggest Through Glass too. Then melt their faces with a 250bpm sweeping solo that'll make even nuns want to nibble yo' gigglestick.

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probably michelle, now that I'm actually sitting down and learning it. that walking baseline lick at the beginning is just orgasmic. that's one song that I'll actually sing to, even though my voice sucks, just so that the song feels complete.
play something people can recognize and enjoy.

most people won't know **** about arpeggios and the mixolydian scale.

When I play acoustic (rarely) I'll play something like lucy in the sky with diamonds fingerstyle, with the treble being the vocal line and the bass being the guitar/bass parts.