Hey all, first of all, this is my first post on the forums so don't be too harsh on me^^
By the end of this month, the roland cube 60 i ordered will arive and i just decided i'll buy a wah to go with it
The only problem is... i got no idea what i should buy:p Could anyone advice me a wah pedal that can handle both distortion and cleans well? Preferably one that costs around 150 euros

Thanks in advance
Okay hold on the wepping demon is good but it has its problems it has distortion that just sometimes is unuseable and on clean its not that great. I recomend you shop around alot before you settle on something. Oh and I own the WD7 so I know what it can and can't do.
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hmmm...a friend of me adviced me a bad horsey2... Does that 1 handle heavy distortion well?:p
No wah handles "heavy distortion" well. You're going to have to get used to that, because no wah in the world is going to sound decent if you have a ton of gain. They just don't work that way.
Morley wahs can generally handle the most distortion, but they don't sound good, so I'll say 535Q.
i was in the same dilema a few months back. And after buying a morley, i liked it but it seemed act more of a solo boost than a wah with gain. I mean it was ok just not what i was looking for. But i would say if your more into distortion get a bad horsie 2, and then buy a v847 at a later date for cleans. Or if you wana sorta jack of all trades but master none, and dont have loadsa cash the 535Q crybaby is pretty good. But the only thing which satisfied me was the fulltone clyde. It really is the cream of the crop, the cleans are orgasmic, and stick it on wacked and ull get a groany bad horsie 2 like wah sound which copes well with high gain. Over all a very versatile wah, which is purely orgasmic when played clean. Seriously though when my friend who owns a v847 said can i have a go with the clyde deluxe, i was like sure. And he was like bet it cant be worth £150, and i was like sure is, just play it. And he literally was speechless, and the v847 aint a pile of crap either, infact its very good. Its just the clyde is really in a league of its own.
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