Hello, My dad has just bought a Les paul copy from a friend.

The guitar is made by a company called Bell, and thats all i know so far

The only thing missing on the guitar is the switch tip on the pick up selector.

Looking on ebay i have found a few for sale but they all mention the difference on the Epiphone guitars, since this a copy i have no clue.

The switch its self has no screw threads, just smooth, They are pretty cheap so if i order one and its wrong i wont be too concerned.

Can anyone tell me which one i should be looking for?
by a new switch and install it tbh i doubt your find one
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The epi switch uses a different size thread than well everybody else for some reason. If yours has no threads then dont know where to find a tip all the ones Ive seen are threaded. Alot easier to get a switch it will come with a tip maybe 2 different colored ones.
Could try getting a regular switch tip and epoxying it onto the switch if it has no threads. Might want to roughen the switch up with sandpaper or soemthing so the epoxy has a good surface to bond with (not completely smooth). If that don't work, yeah maybe buy another switch.