not a too complex tone but it has a certain boost of the sound to it.. sounds more upbeat and kind of screaming at you then just a normal tone.
isn't anything special

comes in at 1:17

again isn't anything special but how do you get a sound more like that?

and I know the second time at 1:34 it's harmonized but I'm talking about the first time it's played.

same live pretty much so nothing done in studio:

would I just need like an overdrive pedal or something?
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You see that thread, at the top of the forum, that's called the Ultimate Settings Thread?

Why do you think it's there?

Not only is it supposed to be in there, but you'll get more helpful answers and less arses like me
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Dude that tells you how to set your amps eq.
There's way more to tone then turning the bass and treble and crap you know.
I tried that before and no one ever answers.

usually it's for settings on your gear but I'm looking at what gear you need to get it not how to on what I already have.

can the guitar soon, just need the freaking girl (even though I am one??) and then I'm set?? YAH
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