Hey i was wondering what string gauge and picks you use? should i try for a higher gauge? and does thicker picks = more precision/more metal tone?

I have Ernie Ball super slinky .09s and some pick i got off a friend its really thin, on my Behringer Strat... should i regauge with 10s or 11s and get a thicker pick for a more metally tone? what does the string difference do to the tone/playability?

Also with the 9's i thought theyd be easier to bend etc, they are but they are so thin they really slice my fingers , especially the low e.. would a thicker gauge be more comfortable?

thicker strings = more sustain , but harder to play ( bends , hammer ons , etc )
Thinner strings = less sustain , easier to play

Picks = I play Dunlop crocs because I like them and they feel nice for me
If you just started, any gauge will cut up your fingers, you need to play until it hurts too much to play anymore, and then let your fingers heal, that way you build up callouses and it wont hurt anymore. String gauges are based more on personal preference, thicer strings are better for rhythym, and thinner strings for soloing, but in the end its what you like better. Picks, thicker for picking notes, thinner for strumming. I use the Jazz III picks, they have a one made out of a material that makes them very grippy, just buy a bunch of different ones and try them til you find one that feels right. Jeff Beck was a fingerpicker, and Brian May used Six-pence coins as picks, so whatever feels right is what you should stick with.
if you're metal, definitely go for the heavier strings. it'll be harder to play at first but you adjust pretty quickly.

for picks, try dunlop jazz IIIs - black is stiffer, red is more flexible. both are excellent
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I use hybrids - I like 9's but like a heavier bottom.

I use different types of 1.0mm picks.

just find what's right for you.
10-11 haha get 15 lol joke

another thing you need to think about is the amount of tension your neck can take im not to sure but i dont think the behringer wont be able to take anything over 11 without warping the neck.