OK, quick story.... I started playing guitar quite a few years ago. I just doodled around, had one of those guitars for dummies books but it mainly just taught me the basics. I took guitar lessons for almost 2 years and I learned a ton. I learned alot of songs...not alot of solos. I learned the rythym parts of alot of songs. I learned most of Fade to Black, Sweet Child of Mine, Cat Scratch Fever, Smoke on the Water :P

However, I lost my job I had at the time and couldn't afford lessons anymore, and I was extremely busy with new jobs, and life in general...I sort of stopped playing for like a year. I got really rusty and just didn't have the time. Everytime I would pick up my guitar I couldn't remember most of the songs I learned, and when I tried to play them, I would mess up alot, get frustrated, and stop. Well I recently went to the Progressive Nation show, and it gave me a second wind so to speak...so I need some of your guys' help!

Can somebody please help me find a song that sounds cool/good, isn't very difficult, and is fun to play? I know there are alot of songs like this, but I thought I would try to get some input. I like alot of styles of music...Opeth, Dream Theater, BTBAM, Tool, Metallica, Megadeth, and all kinds of classic rock. Thanks for the help! And sorry about the wall of text :P
Whole lotta love isn't too bad, solo is moderately easy, iron man by black sabbath is a bit too simple but still fun, bulls on parade/killing in the name of by rage against the machine are really fun, enter sandman isn't too bad, purple haze and voodoo child's intros aren't too hard. Hope that helped, just listen to some tunes or look up the guitar hero 2 and 3 song lists and pick a few out of there, i hate the video game but love their song choices.
Thanks guys, I'll look into them...I already know Enter Sandman, but I'm looking for a song that I do not know. I would prefer something heavy if at all possible.
Anything on Megadeth's "The System has Failed" album is fantastic for getting (back) into metal playing. The Scorpion, Something I'm Not... generally easy riffs with great effect.
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And since you went to Progressive nation and mentioned Opeth.... something like Opeth's "Baying of the Hounds" or "In My Time of Need" may be good. Neither are ridiculously hard.

EDIT: "A Fair Judgment" is another good one that is in standard and not that hard to play (in parts).
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