im playing this song Tears in the rain by joe satriani and people complain about some screeching that happens when im playing.. its like my fingers are rubbing against the strings while moving up and down the fretboard.
I personally though it was normal noise but i dont know if there is somthing i can do to stop it... or do i just have to change the way i play?
or should i just not care?
i find it doesnt happen to me much, and it might be because i sweat a lot so there isnt the friction that creates that noise

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You can try "finger ease", it comes in a little can and you spray it on the strings. I use it all the time, I wish someone would have told me about it when I started playing.
Dont know what kind of strings you prefer but some Elixir polywebs/nanowebs would take care of that.

I like that noise. I think it gives a song character.
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I think that noise on the acoustic gives it a beautiful sound, makes it sound real. But yeah, Elixir strings and something to keep them clean and slick like dunlop 65 string cleaner and comditioner works to cut it down.
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Breaking Benjamin - So Cold, listen to the intro. You can also discover those screeches...

Yep I just learned that song a few days ago and when I played it the screeching noise happened to me. So as I was listening to it I heard it on their song. You would think they would somehow edit that out or fix it somehow?

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THanks loads Guys
im using daddario EJ so maybe i might get my hands on sum elixer spoil myself for once
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I like that noise. I think it gives a song character.

Yep. Finger squeak is here to stay. Learn to love it.