I've been using my toneport thingy with Magix 2004 studio for recording... But limits me to the amount I can convert to MP3 and doesn't seem to convert all my tracks, just a single track so I end up with either a rhythm guitar track or lead and that's it...?

Anywho, could someone advise me on a good purchase that works with the Line6 Toneport?

I can't really go over £60 at the moment...


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Why not just use Audacity or Kristal Audio Engine. Both free. I'm not sure about Kristal, but I know that Audacity definitely works with Toneport, 'cos I use it.
Thanks for the fast replies!

What format does the Reaper save in? Oh and is it limited to the amount of tracks used? I could use up to 8...

Or is Cakewalk better?

My friend uses Audacity, and I wasn't too happy with it... But thanks for the advice man!
you can use as many tracks as you need with Reaper, record more than one at a time, and export in just about any formats.

mp3 and wav are the most common.

Audacity is nice for ideas but Reaper can do a lot more and I prefer it over audacity.
I still use Audacity from time to time for quick ideas though...
True, I figured audacity would be nice 'cos its free and pretty user friendly.
Nero has some decent recording software too.

Windows Sound Recorder is the best though :P

my friend actually uses that to record...ridiculous.
Also a Cheaper alternative to full blown Sonar you can get Cakewalk Music Creator for $40. Excellent program IMHO.

On a seperate topic, moody yhpm.

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