Lately ive been going into tapping alot lately, writing my own covers of other songs using two handed tapping i think some of you may have seen what i did with babe im gonn aleave you (if you havent there is a vid on my profile)
but im doing another one like that with i want to hold your hand (alot like vic wootens norwiegian wood)
but i havent been doing tapping for too long and i wanted some pointers on like how to keep the runs easier to do but still sounding good and just general stuff to help, and eq-ing and stuff

everything helps thanks alot

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For EQing, less highs and slightly more bass is key. It's better if you have an active bass with those controls right on there for on-the-fly switching. As for the runs, maintain proper technique with your left hand (one finger per fret) and then do an inverted version of that with your right hand. If you have to play the same fret on two strings, doing a temporary break in proper technique would work, but isn't totally necessary. This way, you have an 8 fret reach and should be able to do any run easily.

There's a tutorial somewhere on UG about getting your right hand up to snuff in two-handed tapping. It basically has you doing regular scales, but with your right hand over top of the fretboard.
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