I've got about 1000 euros to spend on a new guitar though i'd prefer spending less if it's possible but i can spend more if i feel it's worth it.

Keep in mind that i'm in europe. And that i don't mind or even prefer buying used, IF i know what i am getting and looking for EXACTLY.

I'm looking for a reliable sturdy guitar which can last me for a long time and is totally worth the money.

I will mainly use it to play metal so it has to be able to handle distortion well but i'd like it to also be able to pull off softer stuff and has at least acceptable cleans as i'd be pairing it up with a 5150. Hence i'd prefer it not having EMG's.

Now for the most important criteria, it's gotta look badass. i don't care if yfwa<ou think the playability is more important i want something which has both both and i'm not going to settle for anything less than pure badass kick assery.

I mainly want a king V or rhoads type of V, jackson, or jackson stars, ESP's or edwards, maybe an explorer ???

Really i'd like any kind of input, suggestions, if you ahve a guitar that would fit that criterion please tell me about it, ANYTHING please!

thank you very much for your time
Well...just for starters, check out some Jackson Professionals (Warrior, Kelly), Ibanez X series and ESP's reditions of the explorer (for example the Wayne Static, Gus G. and Michael Amott Signature).

They are all extreme to the extreme and built to last. Plus lots of them don't come with EMGs standard.

If I had to choose I'd be going for a Jackson Kelly Profssional, but only for looks. Hardware-wise it's equal to the other brands I mentioned.
Dean Razorback flying v. Great upperfret access. Better than most. No EMGs, passives only. Amazing neck.
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Looks are the most important thing to you and you're considering a V??

There's an ESP Eclipse II that comes with Seymour Duncans, absolutely gorgeous. The aforemtioned Jackson Kelly and Warrior are pretty metal looking and can handle a pretty broad range of tones. A Fender American Strat can produce some wonderful rock tones, if you're into the overdriven single coil sound. I saw a Tele Custom once that I almost traded my Schecter for, it had some passive hums in it and was the prettiest Tele I've ever seen (and I'm not normally a huge fan of Teles, but this was incredible). Gibson LP's and SG's have long been a staple in hard rock. You can get basically anything but if I had that kind of money, I'd be going with the ESP Eclipse II.
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Some more concrete suggestions:

Ibanez XPT700 - Very fast neck, good trem system, great pickups and I like the paintjob

Jackson RR3 - Fast neck, good trem, good pickups and it's got the Randy Rhoads thing going for it:

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT - It has active Pickups, but not EMGs, personally I love the tone if this thing...I would check it out:

Jackson KE-3 - My favorite...sounds great, plays great:

LTD Static 600 - Another great explorer look-alike...

Well, by now you must've figured I got it all of of thomann's extreme guitar section, so I'd look around there for a bit.

DEAN RAZORBACK. Ok man, the dean razorback is the most BADASS guitar out there (well that's my opinion) And no emg's man. Look em up i'm glad I did.
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thanks for everything and sorry if i wasn't specific enough but i was mainly going for guitars like
and these are the ones i'm really considering

ESP/LTD ninja600str - the red michael amott signature THOUGH it is a bit too pricey

a jackson star king V - if anyone could tell me anything about it thanks cus i don't know much adn I can't try jackson stars

an edwards either the RV 148 or an edwards (maybe even esp ltd) alexi signature which i don't know if it would come with duncans blackouts or i could swap out the EMG-HZ if i don't end up liking it

OR i have heard about new jackson models coming out sometime, an rr5 with OFR and a kv5 and i'm wondering if they would be worth the wait though it's killing me

also the dean razorback i've been put off by the LFR so if anyone can tell me otherwise

the main problem is that i cannot try those guitars or it's very unlikely i could so i'd like to gather as many suggestions and opinions as possible
thanks again

PS-also i want to say that i already have a les paul (this guitar would be something i can bring around and gig with so that my LP can stay safely at home) and that superstrat shapes do not float my boat and neither does the warrior or razorback
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