Im lookin for a good practice amp with powerful metal tone. I do not gig nor am i in a band so im not real concerned about wattage (at least 15w for tube or 30w for ss). And i would like to spend under $400.
Definitely the Cube 30x.

The only tube amp that is close to 15w that will get close to metal is the Peavey Windsor Studio, but that's $400, and even then you'd still need an OD Pedal to get the gain to metal levels.

I love my Cube, go play one if you can.
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i own a cube and they are a pretty god amp but i have heard better... i played on a vox valvetronix and i thought that it sounded better than my cube... i play a epi LP ultra and i thought the vox sounded better and was about the same price
if you're not gigging why would you need 15w of tube power? thats loud. 5w tube is like louder than 30w SS i think.
get a small tube combo and an OD pedal
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
Eh, for once I will say a SS amp. Microcube. Can do TEH BROOTALZ and is only like 100. Then save up for a better amp. The microcube will still be good then as a practice amp