Hello, i'm looking for good songs in D# tuning. They should be not too easy but still not too hard, something inbetween would be nice. Something like the 80s hard rock/hair+heavy metal would be nice (Ex Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Metallica). I'd like pretty much chord slammering with palm mutes on and off and maybe some easy solos in ex. Out In The Fields or something.

Edit: If there are some easy floyd playing in the song it's a +
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Yeah, but GnR and Van Halen are a bit too hard for me, and Yngwie is waaay to hard lol. I was out for something a bit easyer
Weezer! Lots of the songs off of Maladroit are very 80s influenced, but check out the Blue Album for some classics.
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most songs off "good apollo im burning star iv volume 1" by coheed and cambria are in e flat
Loads of post-hardcore and emo is in Eb.

Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Alexisonfire, Fightstar, Thrice (I think)...loads of bands like that.

Coheed and Cambria work in Eb too.
all alice in chains is in Eb, their acoustic stuff is easy n'all
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Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde
.....actually all of the Youthanasia album

and Slayer
Alice in Chains
Coheed and Cambria
Van Halen
I think 'Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel has a capo on the 6th fret. pretty random
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Anything Hendrix post "are you experienced" is Eb. Voodoo Child is probably the most fun song to play and it really isn't all that hard. Just learn the main riff and play around with the E Minor pent scale. That is the most fun song to play ever.
Edguy (not all albums), Guns'N Roses, Blind Guardian and Sonata Arctica are in Eb, I play them all. I play also Sentenced in Eb, even if they are in D.

I suggest EDGUY if you want something good and not too difficult: try King of Fools, Forever, Lavatory Love Machine, Mysteria, Under the Moon, Save Me, etc... check also the live album that have Vain Glory Opera and Land of The Miracle tuned in Eb (in studio they play them in standard E).
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As i sayd before, i'd like still pretty easy songs. As example Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane, very easy to play but still so good and fun.
Edguy are easy! And, I forgotten Iced Earth... try A QUESTION OF HEAVEN, pretty easy and I'm sure you will like it.
he said songs in D#!!, he didnt say songs tuned Eb/half step down! just beacuse its tuned to Eb it doesnt mean all you play in that tuning is gonna be in the key of Eb/D#
no, i was actually looking for songs where the guitarists guitars are tuned in Eb....sorry for the bad explanation
the first few songs on red hot chili peppers' album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" are in E flat tuning.
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Step one: Get powertab/guitar pro file of song
Step two: Change tuning of guitar to Eb
Step three: Play along with powertab/guitar pro
Step four: ????????
Step five: Profit!