The Blue Note
Columbia, Missouri

it's got a great PA system, and the stage is only like 3 feet tall. it's wonderful if you're at the front (like i was with Minus the Bear.)
Brixton Academy or Astoria.
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Terminal 5 in nyc is very nice. It's big enough to fit quite a few, but somehow you still feel quite close to the band no matter where you stand.
the republik in calgary alberta, its a small bar. what sold me whas when i went to see zimmers hole, there was black metal and alike playing hours before they came on. a metal bar, how unheard of. great show also
metallica at wembley FTW
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Metallica 08.07.07
rock the bells had the sickest soundsystem at randalls island. but mccarren park pool in brooklyn is by far the most fun and creative venue though, i love seeing concerts there

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mac hall ballroom in calgary alberta, stage is close ,easy access to smoke pit and can still hear the tunes ,seen alot of kick ass bands play there anyone been there?
Ive only been to one Good Concert
Pearl Jam- Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, New Jersey
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Ive only been to one Good Concert
Pearl Jam- Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, New Jersey

All the concerts I have been too have been at this place. I was there last night for Rockstar Mayhem Fest. Susquehanna is Awesome
Metallica at the Wiltern theater in Los Angeles was amazing. It's a really small venue (only holds about 2000 people), but the pit is about 1500 people. it was one big mosh pit, and it kicked ass.

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Cat's Cradle in Carrboro or Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, both in North Carolina. They're smaller places that I've seen several bands at, just a fun and loud experience.

Also Bonnaroo was pretty intense, if you'd call it a 'venue.'
The UNSW Roundhouse is freakin' awesome.
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Billy Joe Shaver at Luckenbach was pretty good, but Jerry Jeff Walker at the Gruene Hall topped it.
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Starlite room in Edmonton alberta
they have bass subs underneath the stage, like i would say a big wall all in the front pointing towards the crowd and i was up at teh front at a concert and you can feel it moving you it was epic, also the sound guys there are pretty awsome.
Sokol Underground or the Ranch Bowl (RIP) in Omaha.

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