I am getting a new pickup for my birthday and am interested in a Dimebucker. I want a really heavy pickup, I know this will do fine, but I play a wide range of things outside of metal from STP to The Doors. So anyone who has a Dimebucker I just wondered if aside form the screaming high this thing will put out if it also has an appropriate amount of low end. I have a Flextone so really as long as its even workable it will do fine. I can crank up the low to compensate but I'd like a nice base sound to work with without having to make any huge adjustments.
it's not that good, frankly. A Blackout or a pack of EMGs would be better.

or a SD distorsion, DiMarzio Blaze or something
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It's really trebbely and piercing, not really good for anything.
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I recomend some Dimarzio pickups or some seymor duncans's instead of a dime bucker they sound a bit thin.
Yeah I wanted to stay with SD's so I'll probably go with a flat out Duncan Dist. with all this bad feedback on the Dime. Maybe a Screamin' Demon...nobody can provide input on that decision because any badmouthing of George Lynch or anything he plays with is absurd.
I doubt any pickup is going to make loads of difference, if any, on the Flextone - the Flextone is a good modelling amp but it's still a modelling amp. It's designed to disregard the subtle tonal characteristics of the guitar itself in favour of creating the tone itself.

By all means get one (not the Dimebucker though), but you'd be better off getting something more useful for your birthday - I've a feeling a pickup will be distinctly underwhelming.
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go over to the bareknuckle forums and give tim a bell (the bloke who makes these beast) tell him the sound your looking for. But im guessing he might recommend a warpig as it has a huge sound, but also great cleans, nice and warm
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either get the seymour duncan blackouts or the EMG 81/85 set

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