Hey I tried searching for this but couldn't come up with anything. I noticed on different sites that people have posted guitar port tracks as mp3s. I want to use these in Audacity to record over but do not know how to make them into mp3s ( I have guitar port). Thanks a lot for any help, I appreciate it.
So you need to make a "guitar port" type file into an MP3?
What file extension is the guitar port file?

Or are you trying to export Audacity to mp3?...
if so:

After you record in audacity you have to go into file - export as MP3

If you dont have the LAME mp3 encoder loaded go to the audacity site and download it, then put the file into the proper folder under C:\Program Files\Audacity\Plug-Ins

The file should be "lame_enc.dll"
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yeah i got that i just need to convert the guitar port track to an mp3 so i can use that track in audacity because it doesn't play GP tracks obviously. Im not sure what format it is. When I go to the folder containing the tracks, it just says guitar port file, thats it.
They are l6s files. most likely for a line6 program but I could not figure out how to convert them to mp3 much less even work with them...

Sorry to let ya down but you could try asking someone who has done it before or go to the line6 message board and ask them.
To convert .l6s to .mp3 -

This is the only way that I know how to do this, after searching exhaustively for a program that would convert Guitar Port or Gear Box .l6s files to mp3 or .wav, etc. and finding nothing.:

I don't use Audacity, I use Goldwave (another free audio editor.) But they should operate the same.

Turn on your Line 6 hardware\guitar module. As in Pod XT, Pod XT Live, etc. It also needs to be attached to your computer via USB cable or midi, otherwise Guitarport won't play the .l6s file. Next start up your two programs, the Audacity audio editor and Guitar Port. Load up an .l6s file in Guitar Port. Set Audacity so that it will record a signal from Guitar Port, hit record then hit the play button in Guitar Port. You should now be seeing Audacity recording an audio file. Check your record levels and redo if necessary. Play the whole song from Guitar Port. Then in Audacity: When done recording, edit where necessary, then File\Save As mp3.

As a side note: Guitar Port is an older version of the Line 6 guitar hardware to computer software interface. The newest version is called GearBox. It can be upgraded using the Line 6 Monkey updating software.
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