I have 3 of their albums, Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion and Ultra, and im sorry if this is the wrong place for it, but what do you guys think is their most guitar driven stuff? I try not to trust reviewers like Rolling Stone or All Music Guide because their opinions dont match mine on alot, and i'd prefer to listen to the stuff on my own.
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There are songs with some guitar in them, but nothing is guitar driven really
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stick to their later stuff. guitar wasn't even thought of in depeche mode until Music For The Masses, and then not much. Go for Exciter and Playing The Angel. Even then, it's mostly guitar riffs complimenting a synth song. They're not really a guitar-heavy band in the first place.
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Well, DM aren't really a guitar-driven band to begin with. They're based mostly on synths and Dave's baritone voice. But I'm pretty sure Playing The Angel might have some guitar complementing the synths.
Violator is so good.
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