first off, im not sure if this is the right place, so sorry if it is.

second, i want to make awesome, memorable riffs like QOTSA does(like the intro and chorus riff from little sister or the verse riff from regular john). ive read different things from improvise(which im bad at) to this method, so im confused on what to do. any suggestions/guidance ? anything will be appreciated

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Learning other great riffs is the best way to go, after a while good riffs will come to you no problem. I'd recommend some of Van Halen's riffs, Eddie's unique style makes most of his stuff had to replicate but it's worth doing so.
The best thing with writing stuff is vary what you learn - try out all styles.
Hope this helps.
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Learn and practice different scales from your key of choice (i.e Gmajor, Aminor, blues, or whatever.) that will help you get better at improvising and using the correct notes in your riff. Hope that helps a little.