i have heard a lot of buzz about these amps. i have heard some clips from their website, but i would like to try one personally before buying it. is there any store (like Guitar Centre) that carries them?
I think you can get them from nicer stores which carry boutique amps.
Which state do you live in? There's probably a few places where you can try one out.
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well, i live in sarnia, ontario. but it's only an hour away from detroit, and they have a guitar centre. do you think they'd have one?
I've never seen guitar center carry any boutique amps, so no probably not, unless they happen to have a used one.
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Lauzon Music Centere Ltd
1345 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1Y 3B8

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
722 Rosebank Road
Pickering, Ontario Canada L1W4B2

From the Dr Z website.