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To get the thread going I made a simple, crappy track. Make your own and post them.

-18 1i 18 1i,1a 1j 2h 1e 3t 15 53 m 65 6 70 -8 7p -p 8e -1e 8s -23,8e 9 d7 6p,da 6p du 7c ei 7v f9 8h g3 8v gt 99 hs 9h ip 9m jn 9o ki 9o lg 9j ma 9a n0 8u nk 8f o3 7t od 78,oh 75 ou 6h pi 62 qc 5o r9 5h s5 5e t0 5i tn 5u um 6d vr 72 10n 7p 11c 8f 11r 98 123 a3 122 as 11p bj,vt fl vu ga vv h3 vv i0 100 iq 103 jo 10c kg 10o l6 11f lp 129 m6 136 mf 149 mn 15a mr 16f mu 17j n7 18m n6 19p mq 1ak m8 1bd lh,1bc li 1bt l6 1cf kp 1d5 kg,1da ka 1e6 k7 1f6 js 1g6 jg 1hd j2 1ig in 1jk ic 1ko i1 1lr hm 1n0 ha 1od gq 1ps g9 1r8 fp,1rd fm 1s4 fd 1sl eu 1t3 ec 1te dt 1u6 dm 1uv dj 1vl dl 200 ec 200 fa,27r p7 28l q0 29e qp 2a7 rj 2b7 sl 2c3 tl 2d2 up 2e1 101 2f3 11c 2ga 12p 2hj 149 2is 15q 2k7 17d 2lh 191 2mt 1an 2nt 1c0 2ou 1da 2pv 1ek 2r1 1fu 2s2 1h9 2t4 1ik 2u5 1jv 2v8 1la 30d 1mk 31k 1nr 32t 1ov 346 1q1 35f 1r3 36p 1s3 383 1t1 39s 1u7 3bl 1v8 3de 206 3f8 210 3h2 21n 3it 229 3kn 22n 3mi 230 3od 234 3q8 235 3s3 232 3tu 22s 3vp 22k 41l 229 43g 21s 45b 21c 476 20q 491 205 4as 1vd 4cm 1ui 4ef 1tl,4ef 1tl 4g8 1sl 4hv 1rj 4jk 1qf 4l7 1p8 4mn 1nv 4o5 1mj 4pg 1l6 4qq 1jp 4s2 1ia 4t7 1gr 4u9 1fc 4va 1ds 508 1cd 516 1at 51v 19c 52g 180 52s 16q,5bk 26k 5bn 27h 5c4 28q 5ch 2a3 5co 2bo 5d7 2d8 5ds 2er 5eh 2gf 5f5 2i5 5fo 2jr 5g9 2lj 5gu 2nb 5hk 2p4 5ia 2qt 5j3 2sm 5jt 2ug 5kp 30a 5lp 325 5mr 340 5o0 35q 5p6 37i 5qg 398 5rt 3as 5ta 3ce 5uo 3du 606 3fb 61m 3gk 638 3hl 64p 3ic 664 3iq 67g 3j4 68l 3j3 69o 3io 6ag 3i6 6b5 3hl,6ij 3e0 6j9 3dh 6k1 3cv 6kr 3cc 6ln 3bo 6mj 3b6 6ni 3al 6on 3a6 6pv 39k 6r6 390 6sj 38c 6u6 37p 6vs 377 71l 36n 73f 36d 759 367 774 364 78v 365 7ar 36c 7cn 36p 7ej 379 7gf 37t 7ia 38l 7k5 39g 7lu 3af 7nl 3bh 7pb 3cl 7qu 3dr 7sc 3f2 7tn 3ga,8f4 3i4 8fs 3ie 8gm 3ip 8ht 3ir 8j5 3j6 8kc 3jt 8lo 3kn 8n7 3lf 8oo 3mb 8q8 3n9 8rk 3o9 8ss 3pf 8tv 3qp 8ut 3s7 8vm 3tn 908 3v8 90l 40m 90n 41v 90d 43a 8vn 44h 8uq 45k 8tn 46r 8sg 484 8r4 49f 8pk 4ar 8o0 4c8 8mn 4d8 8le 4e8 8k3 4f6 8io 4g3 8ha 4gu 8fs 4hn 8ed 4ie 8cs 4j3 8ba 4jm 89m 4k6 881 4kj 86c 4ku 84n 4l9 832 4lj 81d 4lt 7vp 4m7 7u4 4mf 7sf 4ml 7qq 4mq 7p5 4ms 7ng 4mt 7lr 4mt 7k6 4mq 7ih 4mm 7gs 4mh,7gs 4mh 7f8 4ma 7dj 4m2 7bu 4lp 7aa 4le 78n 4l1 76p 4kc 753 4jl 73v 4iu 73j 4i5,73g 4i6 72o 4i6 723 4i6,721 4i9 721 4j2 721 4jt 721 4kn,6g9 4j9 6f6 4jn 6du 4k0 6cj 4k8 6b2 4kh 69h 4ks 67q 4la 65q 4ln 646 4m0 62g 4ma 60q 4ml 5v4 4n1 5te 4ne 5rp 4nq 5q5 4o5 5og 4of 5mr 4op 5l6 4p1 5jh 4p8 5hs 4pf 5g7 4pj 5ei 4pm 5cs 4po 5b7 4po 59h 4pn 57s 4pk 568 4ph 544 4p9 521 4ov 504 4oi 4uc 4o1 4so 4nd 4rf 4mp 4qb 4lt 4pl 4l0 4p3 4jo 4ol 4ia 4o9 4h0 4nr 4fi 4ne 4e4 4n2 4cl 4ml 4b5 4m7 49j 4lp 481 4l9 46e 4kp 44q 4k8 435 4jn 41g 4j5 3vr 4ij 3u5 4i1 3se,4i1 3se 4he 3qo#77v 32f 784 32h,781 32j 77b 333,774 337 78b 33r 77d 356,7am 32r 7a7 358,7ac 356 7c9 35i,7f3 33p 7e4 34s 7er 36j,7eu 36j 7gg 35d,7gg 35b 7fd 33p,7it 34g 7j9 36l,7jc 37r 7km 364,7ku 364 7lq 38k,7ls 38m 7n9 356,872 4eg 89g 4ig,877 4ej 89v 4c8,87u 4fp 89s 4e1,8bb 4hu 8c5 4cu,8c9 4de 8fl 4f2,8d8 4eg 8bl 4g2,8fv 4af 8ev 4c3 8i6 4cl 8gr 4fc,8if 49e 8m2 4d4,8i1 4am 8jv 470#S 757 4hr,T 4lq 42e,T 4nr 490,T 4ps 4f4,T 5hu 266,T 5ga 1s1,T 5et 1kv,T 54l ef,T 53s kn,T 53d pg,T 52n ui,T 523 12p,T 8v -3f
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Check out Westo from the old free rider thread.......he was insane at making tracks, and I believe he made a free rider two thread
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Anyone tried the other vehicles/powerups?
fun stuff.

I'll have a map soon.

Edit: fun (very)little unicycle map:
-18 1i 18 1i 50 1i,1s 1i 50 18,2g 1i 50 u,34 1i 50 k,3o 1i 50 a,6i a 9c 2q,6i u a0 2q,6i 1i ak 2q,6i 26 b8 2q,6i 2q fa 2q##T e2 2g

Another effortless but a little longer one:
p7,44d 119 47r mi,451 119 47p lp 4ql lt 4rp f7##B 1jk 2b 2h,B od -ar 16,B 45r pv g,B 452 r5 10,B 43d si 1a,B 41u ti 1o,B 3vi u7 25,B 3to ur 2d,B f3 -1t 1g,B -i l 30,B 69 4 2o,T 4kv k4,T 4lc kj

I hope it keeps the boosts.
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