So I've been interested lately in covering songs with the music from the actual song in the background (I play drums and bass, and I wanted to do some covers with me on drums and others with me on bass), like most stuff on youtube. The only problem is, I'm completely retarded when it comes to that stuff in computers. So my question is, how would I be able to put a video from my camera onto the computer, put that video into windows movie maker, add the song, and then put the finished product on youtube?

Thanks in advance
First plug your camera into your computer with a FireWire. I can't remember the official name but I think it is I349 EEEE or something. When you plug it in a option should come up asking what you want to do. Click the option that says capture video with windows movie Maker. The program will open and a wizard will also pop up asking what you would like to do. First chose where you want to put the file and second name the file and click next. Now choose the quality you want. You should probably choose the option best for playback on my computer. IF you want different you can do that. Click next. Now is the actual importing part. Click start capture let the tape play while you computer imports the video then click stop when you're done with the video. Now click finish and the wizard will save and import the file into WMM. NOw you can drag it into the timeline and edit it how ever you like. One tip about audio. It's way easier to do the audio mixing while your recording the video than to come back later and import the song and try and make it line up right. You can do whatever you want though. When you're done go to the right of the screen and click Save to my computer. The step are basically the same as your getting video from your camera. Last upload to youtube. Give me a link on your video. I'd like to see how you did.

Good luck and have fun.