Hi, I have a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 Head up for sale.

Included in the deal is a Gator road case, Marshall amp cover, 5-button footswitch, and power cord.
For all the amp specs, you can check marshalls website, as there would be too much stuff for me to list.
I don't have a specific price in mind, I'll consider any decent trade offers(Guitars, amps, gear, etc.)
or $(PAYPAL only).

The amp is in great working condition, and the footswitch works as it should.
I'm located in the Tampa,FL area so any local offers would be great!

Here are some pictures...(sorry, they're from my cell, so bad quality)

trade for mesa stiletto?
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Quote by Russian1
wats the dif between the DSL and TSL?

the DSL is a 2 channel amp and the TSL is a 3 channel amp. they actually sound pretty similar IMHO.
DSL=Double Super Lead
TSL=Triple Super Lead

anyways, what would you take cash? I'll pay shipping if its a good price
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