Hey guys,
I know there is probably a million threads out there like this but i want to hear your thoughts because i really need a new amp. I've been thinking about a few brands and dont want to pay over a thousand for one. Oh and it must be tube. I would like a nice tone for blues and rock tone for satriani type stuff. Alright so here is what im thinking.

1. ValveKing: Sounds good to me(only tried it for a few mins), good price, but some people say that they replace the tubes and speaker in it to get a good tone.

2. Classic 30: I think it sounds very good but a lil more pricy then the valve king

3. Some people say Vox's are very good but I havent been able to try one around here.

4. Fenders are nice but they seem to be way over priced, i think.

Well, I would like to hear your thoughts because I've been playing for a while and still have a small practice amp and im tired of useing my friends for when we jam.

Alright, thx guys
i wouldnt call fenders overpriced, a fenders going to give you a better blues sound if you got for something like a blues junior. vox's are good but i dont know if there forte is what u want from them cus both sounds you want generally come from more american voiced amps. and since joe satriani has a sig peavey i should think they be good bet for that side. not to sure out of valveking or clasic though
i don't know your budget or playing styles but these are all good choices. i had all of these on my short list.

i just say (again) that yes the Valvekings may need a speaker/tube swap but they can be had for around $400 which imo is a great value and leaves $$ left over.

not bumping unnessarily or trolling just trying to help. did you say you CAN play thru these somewhere with your own guitar?

good luck

i wouldnt say fenders are overpriced, who else is ganna give you those winderful cleans at that price.
Quote by the-kidR44
i wouldnt say fenders are overpriced, who else is ganna give you those winderful cleans at that price.

Classic 30/50 comes surprisingly close to Fender cleans, and the distortion is better than, say, the hot rod.


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alright thx, Ive got some more info now. Ill still have to consider all the pros and cons of each