ok I saw a pic once (in Audioslave's Out of Exile artwork, behind the CD, top left corner) of 2 wah's next 2 each other stuck together with a bit of wood. I dont know what kind of wahs they were but i'm guessing morello was able to get some pretty crazy sounds out of it, considering it would be using 2 wahs at once. i would like to do the same. I already have a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix wah, so i guess i need something pretty much the exact same size, and not too expensive seeing as i'm gonna be ****ing around with it.

i also thought, what about doing this with my jimi hendrix wah and one of those mxr phaser-pedal-controller things? do i need the actual mxr phase 90 to use that thing?
Doing it with the MXR phaser in a crybaby housing thingymawhatsitwhositsnamewhatsyerface might get some pretty cool results.

Two wahs together isn't anything spectacular.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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EDIT: i've just been informed it was actually Tim Commerford's pedals not Morello's. I apologise.
But yeah, i'm still interested!