So can anyone recommend some good current blues artists?

I like the black keys,which i guess is bluesy rock, but I really like stuff more along the lines of joe bonamassa.
yea man I know about G. Love. I've got Lemonade in the cd player in my car right now.

Anything other suggestions?
keb mo. Fantastic blues artist
also you should check out Grace Potter, i saw her live a few months back and it was an amazing show and the guitarits was very much a blues guitarist
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Joe Bonnamassa is good, as I have recently discovered. He is worthy of a +1.
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John Mayer

I would say that John Mayer is the Cosmopolitan of the blues world, while Bonamassa is the Jack and Water.

Anyway, try some Gov't Mule, some T Model Ford, Some Junior Kimbrough, some Ben Harper, and some Dax Riggs
Tab Benoit, Walter Trout.

That's about all I can think of. They're both great artists though.
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^I have ONE Walter Trout song, and that's his cover of Blues Deluxe (which is epic)
Are the Soledad Brothers any good?
Seasick Steve!
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