well its been a while since i bought new gears, i decide to get a high end combo or maybe even a half stack. and no i don't have marshall mg in mind.

i have narrowed my choice down to three.

hughes and kettner switchblade combo 50 or 100 watt


and the vox ac 30,

their all really expensive so i dont want to look back after i got one of them and say, damn i wish i did more research.

basically i play stuff from blues and classic rock to modern rock to metal.

any input would be apreciated thanks

oh and i had thought about mesa and marshall. if you guys want to add ur input on them 2 i dont mind. cheers
Isn't the AC30 an acoustic amp?

Hughes and Kettner are awesome metal amps. Im not sure if they can do blues though.

EDIT: My bad...I was think of a different amp model.
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If you're spending that much, come on - be a bit more specific! Do you need lots of different tones or do you get most of your tones from pedals? Do you prefer the 'British' or 'American' tones? The Switchblade and AC30 are totally different amps, and Bogner is completely different as well.
overdriven Marshall sound, try the Budda Superdrive or any of the many Plexi-style amps available. The Vox AC30 really excels at cleans and medium crunch, same goes for Fenders although the two are themselves very different. Mesa/Boogie make a lot more than just shiny diamondplate br00talz metal amps; the Rectoverb. Lonestar and Blue Angel are proof of this. Then let's not forget all the Matchless and Dumble clones...and so on....