Ok I got my bass back from Sam Ash and they put new strings on. I'm getting this really metallic (not metal-like but like clanging) sound from my strings. They fixed and input problem and straightened my neck if you need to know. What's the problem?
its the new strings, give em time
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Its gonna take some time to break them in don't worry.
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Okay now the first fret on my A ( a little) but more on my D clanks so much on the first fret it does not even produce a sound (besides the clank of course). WTF did Sam Ash do to my bass? (They told me my neck was bent so I got the "service plan" but they made me replace my strings and pay for them even though it was under warranty!)
Your neck is supposed to be slightly bent. Other wise you would only get fret buzz for most of the notes. It's called neck relief.

You could raise the d string a little they might have set you action lower. Or your string could be not broken in.