Poll: Pedals or Multi effect board?
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12 75%
Multi effect!
2 13%
I ate a Sandwich this morning
2 13%
Voters: 16.
okey, seeing my last thread im starting to wonder whats smarter.

buying a multi effect board, and being done in one time, and mabye of a bit cheaper.

or buy single pedals, one by one, might take longer and might be a bit more expencive, but ill be sure of good quality

sooo, whats do you think?

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pedals, pedals pedals pedals pedals X100000........ yeah so pedals
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Single pedals.
-They sound better 99% of the time
-You can tailor make a pedal board to suit your exact needs
-Easier to switch the order and tweak on the fly
-If you're unhappy with one effect, you can sell it and buy a new one.

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Pedals. Unless you need a ton of effects, like if your in a Muse or RATM cover band, or you need a Whammy-type octave effect. And you can do some really cool effects combinations, like a phaser and a delay, or a chorus and phaser, which you wouldnt normally be able to do with a multi-fx pedal.
Depends if you just jam and don't play gigs or stuff like that then your probably good with a multi-fx pedal. But if your trying to get a certain tone, sound or just real picky about what you hear then individual pedals are for you.