In school i have to do a senior project to graduate, so i chose to build a guitar. I have to do a presentation on it, so i decided i will just play guitar instead of talking. I want to play a RATM song that includes the killswitch, because it is how i connected my research paper to the guitar. I'm not god at guitar and i have 10 days to learn how to play it, so pick an easier song that sounds amazing please.
one more thing, i only have distortion, delay, and wah pedals, so no whammy pedal songs
post pics of guitar please
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Bulls On Parade = Ultra-easy song.

My band figured it out and had it completely perfect in 30 minutes.
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Bulls on Parade. Shows off your wah, your killswitch, and the ability to do record scratching noises on a guitar. And it sounds awesome.
I'm not sure if you have the effects for it, but mic check really shows off Tom's effects. If not that, do Know your enemy or Sleep now in the Fire.
Okay, since you have a toggle (kill) switch, and a wah pedal, play Bulls on Parade. It's got badass riffs and the solo is nothing but wah rocked all the way forward with the killswitch + sliding your hand across the strings to make dj disc scratch noises. It'll ****ing blow the roof off that place.
Bulls On Parade easily... although he does use a whammy pedal up two octaves for the solo (to amplify the scratching sounds) still managable without it. Know Your Enemy is another good one, but i would recommend just doing improv with killswitch for the solo (I dont remember what key its in, but that shouldnt be hard to find out) Good luck! and tell us how it comes out. Video would be cool too
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