Ok I've been working on this on and off and i think i've listened to it a bit too much. Now i think its just noise so. I could really use some criticism cause iunno were to go. Or if i should finish this or not.
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Sounds way to hectic and chaotic. You should try not to play so many different things at once.

But if you had to make a choice i would say start a new song.
I agree with the last post. Try using less notes during those weird chords.

On a side note, try organizing your tracks (put the guitars with the guitars, the keyboards with the keyboards, etc.). Its easier to navigate and tell whats going on, and its easier to tell when you have a track already that you can use instead of creating a new one for just one riff.
I agree with the above. There're some really good areas, but it seems like you've concentrated on putting too much into the song. And the instuments should ideally be named and bunched together for easier access. Definite potential here though
There are some complicated rhcp-like chords in the verse, and the intro would sound good if it wasnt MIDI i think you just need to water it all down, by having less layers, less dissonance, and make it a bvit more clear whats happening chords wise- keep it smooth + flowing by all means, but it sounds kinda mushy and twisted up at the moment. Keep Going it will be good!!!
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The bassist must have had uber-thick thumb to be able to play something like that Even his bone have callus, I think, not just his thumb .
But seriously, what you have here has great potential to be a good song, it's just executed the wrong way.

Some tips for you :
1) Use pans. It'll greatly help give the song a sense of clarity, and the noise wouldn't clash as much
2) Don't use let-ring for chords, at least not in GP, it causes waaay to much unwanted and unpleasant noises
3) I personally would scrap the dist. and overdrive guitar 'cept for the first one. Srsly, the other guitars didn't play anything worth more than the fact that it drowned the other instruments. After I put those tracks on mute, it sounded MUCH better, tbh.

You have yourself a potentially good song, but right now it is sort of an unpolished gem, you need to smooth it up further, but if you do that, it would be a valuable song
I like the creative chords, I like to mix it up to. It's a bit messy and the notes choices are a bit of an a couple parts. I would say start a new song.
ehhhhh idk. it sounded static-y. i would not use the let ring on chords at all, and the bass is pretty much impossible considering you have to reach from 1st fret to 10th. i would suggest just starting over instead of going through all the work of refining it.