so i know that to fix this ill need to get a new harddrive or a new computer. but anyone have any idea how this virus came about or what its called?
the "symptoms" are:
extremely slow running. my internets are running at 38 kbps
popups everywhere saying "spyware detected!"
the desktop background changed to a bunch of crap about the spyware
when it first happened a bunch of beetle things crawled across the computer and ate everything.
and its rearranging my **** on my computer.

idk if my computer will work long enough to check the replies to this but i need some idea of wtf this is.

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reformat your comp. Wipe everything off. It always works and runs good as new.
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Format your hard drive
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I don't know, call a repairman and tell him about the symptoms.

in b4 AIDS.
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Jeez, what's with all the computer threads?

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Reformat always works.

You could also try doing a system restore (Start --> Accessories --> System Tools --> System Restore)

Another option is Spybot Search and Destroy (Free, google it)

Make sure you backup your files if you need to reformat, because you lose all your ****)
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thats what you get for downloading virus.exe
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For God's sake, do not delete your system32 files!!!

Hahaha, I had totally forgotten about that
You don't have to reformat, system restore won't do anything, virus is probably not the cause.

It's malware. Get ad-aware and spybot search and destroy from www.download.com

Uninstall programs that seem fishy. (Keep in mind programs starting with "microsoft" aren't fishy).

You should do a viruscheck too since it seems you're not very good at keeping your computer clean. Get Avast! Anti-virus from download.com